Guests and Topics: February 7

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Saddam Hussein continues to defy the world, and now the world must take action immediately to stop him, President Bush said at the White House Thursday.

"The game is over. The danger Saddam Hussein poses reaches across the world," Bush said, with Secretary of State Colin Powell standing at his side. "Saddam Hussein will be stopped," he said. Retired Army Command Sergeant Major Eric Haney and retired Air Force Colonel, Randy Larsen weigh in on Iraq.

Michael Jackon is feeling the heat after his admission that he likes to sleep with children in a TV documentary… Should there be an investigation?

Family members of missing woman Laci Rocha Peterson stepped up their criticism of her husband Wednesday, saying he sold his pregnant wife's car and considered selling the couple's house. The in-laws who once rallied behind Scott Peterson have now turned on him and Laci Peterson's stepfather, Ron Grantski, called on him to "end this circus." We’ll bring you the latest in the Modesto mystery.

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