Topics and Guests for January 9

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Topics and Guests for January 9:

France asked governments to give U.N. inspectors any evidence they have on suspected Iraqi weapons programs, in a request directed at the United States and Britain ahead of a key Security Council meeting Thursday.
Tim Trevan, former U.N. weapons inspector

The flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder for a commuter plane that crashed in North Carolina Wednesday were recovered and are being analyzed by investigators.
We'll speak with the man who shot home video of the commuter crash in N. Carolina.
David Isola, videotaped plane crash

In an unusually brisk pace for Washington, President Bush signed a bill Wednesday to extend unemployment benefits for five months to nearly 2.5 million Americans just hours after the bill was sent to his desk for a signature.
Sen. Kent Conrad, D-ND
Sen. Craig Thomas, R–Wyoming

Denny's is raising one million dollars for the King Center. Find out where the money will go…
Mrs. Coretta Scott King, MLK Jr's widow
Mrs. Ray Hood-Phillips, Denny's chief diversity officer

Terrorism: Deadly poison strikes the UK. Is this the form of terror that we might see entering the U.S?
Timothy Lomperis, former military intelligence officer

Sex offender's on the loose: Since our story originally aired, California has admitted losing some 33,000 sexual offenders it should have kept track of. We’ll have the details…
Marc Klaas,
Klaas Kids Foundation

Benedict Arnold: A question of honor?
Kelsey Grammer, Emmy award winning actor

Iraqi women are shown in pictures bearing arms: Is this psychological warfare?
Retired Army Capt. David Christian, U.S Army and FOX military analyst

A bad-cop role seems to igniting Liotta's star power again! We’ll talk to the actor…
Ray Liotta, lead actor in Narc

Army reservists leave their regular jobs to help the military out full-time…
First Lieutenant Timothy Ryan, U.S. Army reserves
Staff Sergeant Jason Thimmes, U.S. Army reserves

Police said they were searching for more ricin toxin and possible conspirators in a plan to use it after detaining a seventh suspect in Britain.
Dr. David Franz, chemical and biological defense division

A romantic, battle-of-the-sexes comedy!
Hugh Grant, lead actor of Two Weeks Notice

America's Prince: The John F. Kennedy Jr. Story
It premieres on TBS, Sunday January, 12 at 8pm
Portia De Rossi, actress, "Carolyn Bessette Kennedy"
Kristoffer Polaha, actor, "JFK Jr"

His latest oped: How a Republican Desegregated the South's Schools
Sec. George P. Shultz, former secretary of state

US Weekly exclusive: Giving her first love a second chance? Brittany Spears speaks out about Justin Timberlake.
Janice Min, editor in chief of US Weekly

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change