Topics and Guests for December 3

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Topics and Guests for December 3:

The Saudis plan to hold a press conference at 10am today to refute allegations that they have not been supportive of U.S. efforts in the war on terror.
Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Florida

The U.N. inspectors say equipment is missing from Iraq’s site…
Chris Cobb Smith, former U.N. weapons inspector

The World Heavyweight championship series. Will Roy Jones Jr. fight Evander Holyfield?Don King, boxing promoter
Roy Jones Jr., undisputed light heavyweight champion

Saudi's speak about terror money trail…
Mansoor Ijaz, FOX News foreign affairs analyst

Saudi Arabia: Friend or foe?
Amb. Richard Murphy, former U.S. amb. to Saudia Arabia and Syria

Surface to air missiles, is it the new danger in America?
Brian Jenkins, terrorism expert

Saudi officials on the defensive about financial ties to terrorism are about to launch damage control efforts with a press conference in Washington Tuesday in which they will deny any deliberate bankrolling of Al Qaeda or other terror groups.
Adel Al-Jubeir, foreign policy advisor to the crown prince of Saudi Arabia

Hear the story of how a dog was kidnapped and then found miles away from the owner’s home. The dog was found because of a chip implant.
Sydney, dog found
Dean Chambers, Sydney's owner
Daphne Baca, the detective who found Sydney

Is there a link between the Saudi business that operates as charities and terrorism?
Medlej Al-Medlej, U.S.-Saudi Arabian business council

Islam Unveiled: Disturbing Questions About the World's Fastest-Growing Faith
Robert Spencer, author

Actress and comedian Kathy Griffin will perform for the troops in Afghanistan, she leaves December 16th. Find out what made her want to do it.
Kathy Griffin, actor and comedian

The Saudi government will hold a news conference on their efforts to thwart terrorism. How easy will it be for them to crack down on the flow of money to terrorists?
Michael Zeldin, former chief of the Justice Department

Surface to air missiles, is it the new danger in America?
Adm. Cathal flynn, fmr faa assoc. Administrator

The details on Michael Jackson being back in court.
Gloria Allred, civil rights attorney

Reacting to the Saudi Arabia press conference…
Amb Marc Ginsberg, former ambassador to Morocco

Choosing virginity a new attitude: Fewer teenagers are having sex. As parents and politicians debate the merits of abstinence programs, find out what the kids have to say.
Debra Rosenberg, national correspondent for Newsweek

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change