Topics and Guests for November 11

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Topics and Guests for November 11:

Target Iraq: Onto the inspections…
Chris Cobb-Smith, former UN weapons inspector

The sniper case: Is there enough evidence to prosecute Muhammad and Malvo?
David Schertler, former federal prosecutor
Jonathan Katz, criminal defense attorney

Remembering the vets of yesterday: Scott Speicher fought in our last go round with Iraq. Recently his status has changed from MIA to MIA and captured. Speicher's nephew speaks about his missing uncle and the resolution against Iraq.
Richard Adams, Speicher's nephew

An article on Iraq by Bill Gertz says the U.S. believes Bagdhad is hiding anthrax. He’ll give the details on FOX News Live.
Bill Gertz, defense and national security reporter at the Washington Times

Target Iraq: If Iraq doesn't play along, how fast do we go in?
Retired Col. Bill Taylor, former director of national security studies at Wespoint

UN resolution on Iraq...
Denis Halliday, former assistant secretary general of the UN

Sniper case: Should both Malvo and Mohammad receive the death penalty?
Wendy Murphy, former prosecutor
Robert Dunn, defense attorney

Target Iraq: What is the world reacting?
James Bone, The Times of London
Philippe Bolopion, 'Radio France International'

Military strategy with Iraq...
Retired Col. Dave McIntyre, U.S. Army

Target Iraq: What is the Arab response?
Amb. Hussein Hassouna, Arab League ambassador

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change