Topics and Guests for October 25

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Topics and Guests for October 25:

Reacting to the sniper suspects being caught.
Douglas Dunican, Montgomery County executive

Listener helps capture beltway sniper suspects
Dale Sommers, "Truckin Bozo", 700 WWL

Will snipers get the death penalty in Maryland?
Paul Rosenzweig, former federal prosecutor
Joe Tacopina, criminal defense attorney

This week in media
Eric Burns, host of Fox News Watch

Is this a new 'profile' of an American Jihad?
Brent Turvey forensic scientist & criminal profiler

Where is the reward going? A wealthy California business man donates more than $50,000 and ups the antee to catch the killers on the loose.
Tim Blixseth, California businessman

A family member talks about what John Allen Williams Mohammed is like and what they talked about the last time they spoke.
Yvonne Bradford, relative of John Allen Mohammed

American jihad
Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East forum
Raed Awad, Islamic iman


Reacting to latest in sniper investigation by 10th victim family spokesman
Gary Shepperd, Bridges' family spokesman

Did the police know who the suspects were much earlier?
Louis Palumbo former New York City investigator

Evidence collected to indict the murderers
James Starrs, forensic scientist

Now that sniper seems to have been caught, what are the legal ramifications?
Cynthia Alksne, former federal prosecutor
Mark Biros, defense attorney

Trained to kill!
Retired Capt. Dave Christian, FOX News military contributor

Reacting to news of the day, the latest on the sniper and a preview of tonight's show…
Alan Colmes, co-host of Hannity & Colmes

Tying the tree stump to the Bushmaster and other ballistic evidence…
Peter Gagliardi, former ATF deputy assistant director for law enforcement


The Beltway Sniper
Michelle Malkin, FOX News contributor and syndicated columnist

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change