Topics and Guests for October 15

Tonight... Get on the record with Greta!

We're live from Washington this evening. And we'll bring you the most complete coverage you can find anywhere on television about the developments in the hunt for the serial sniper.

After reports from beltway area from our Fox News Channel correspondents we'll talk with Raymond Massis who was just a few feet away from the serial sniper's strike last night in Falls Church, Virginia. He'll tell us what he saw and heard when he goes on the record with Greta.

Among our guests tonight: forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht and former D.C. homicide detective and attorney Ted Williams, ballistics expert John Cayton and crime scene expert Joe Del Campo.

Also, we'll speak with criminal defense attorney Johnnie Cochran and get his perspective on the shootings in the D.C. suburbs. Cochran also has a message for O.J.! Find out what it is when Cochran sits down with Greta.

Plus, we'll bring you part one of our candid conversation with Second Lady Lynne Cheney. We held last night's interview due to breaking news about the eleventh sniper shooting in Falls Church, Virginia.

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Note: Topics and guests subject to change.