Topics and Guests for October 14

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Topics and Guests for October 14:

10th sniper victim’s friends speak out.
Al Wellington, sniper victim’s friend for 30 years
Gary Shepherd, family spokesman and Kenneth Bridge friend for 20 years

Serial sniper: A town turned upside down
Larry Giammo, mayor of Rockville, MD

The Washington-area sniper again took the weekend off, adding a tiny trait to the personality profile of an assassin who has killed eight people in 12 days. Who is the sniper and what could their motivation possibly be?
Dr. Jeffrey Ian Ross, criminologist at the University of Baltimore

The Maryland sniper: More on the hunt for a serial killer.
John Timoney, former Philadelphia commissioner

How can you protect yourself from a sniper attack?
Donald Bassett, he has trained FBI agents to be snipers

Time cover: The science of catching a killer inside the hunt for the Beltway sniper
Amanda Ripley staff writer for Time magazine

Getting the pulse of the community now that a sniper is on the loose.
Audrey Scott, Prince George County councilwoman

Sniper killings: A different kind of killer?
Danny Coulson, former FBI deputy assistant director

Sending peace-keepers to Baghdad: What would it accomplish?
Kathy Kelly, Voices in the Wilderness

Does it pay to get a divorce? Outrageous facts about divorce among America's richest.
Davide Dukcevich, staff writer at

Ballistics clues of the sniper: What type of gunshot clues can be found at the crime scenes and where would it lead investigators?
Dr. Jay Wachtel, former ATF special agent

Could the sniper attack be the handy work of a terrorist?
John Plaster, former Green Beret Major

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change