Topics and Guests for October 7

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A 13-year-old boy was shot and critically wounded Monday morning in front of a middle school in Prince George's County, Md., sparking fears that a serial sniper may have struck again in the Washington area.

Prince George's County Police Chief Gerald Wilson said he did not know "for certain" whether the shooting was linked to sniper attacks that killed five people in neighboring Montgomery County and one in Washington last week. A seventh person was wounded in Fredericksburg, Va.

The unidentified boy was wounded in the chest and abdomen in front of Benjamin Tasker Middle School. Initial reports were that the child was shot from a distance. Is this incident  related to last week's sniper shootings, investigate with On the Record.

Plus, A year after he ordered the first military strikes in Afghanistan, President Bush is offering what aides call his most comprehensive case yet on the threat posed by Iraq, and why a U.S.-led war on Saddam Hussein's regime may be necessary.

Monday night's speech in Cincinnati comes as Congress prepares to vote on resolutions authorizing force against Iraq. A vote in the Republican-controlled House, which has largely embraced the strong resolution he seeks, is expected Wednesday or Thursday; a vote in the Democratic-led Senate, where Bush has encountered more resistance, should come by next week. We’ll have reaction to the president’s speech.

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