Topics and Guests for August 16

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Topics and Guests for August 16:

Nine-year-old Jennifer Renee Short IS no where to be found after parents found shot to death yesterday
Sheriff Frank Castle, Henry Country sheriff

Celebrating Elvis! The King died 25 years ago today. We'll be live from Graceland
Al Dvorin, organized all concerts for Elvis. He coined the phrase "Elvis has left the building thank you and good night"

Actress battles against alzheimers
Shelley Fabares, actress at the National Board of Alzheimers Association

Westerfield jury deliberation
Lis Wiehl, former federal prosecutor
Gretchen Von Helms, criminal defense attorney

Remembering the King: Today marks the 25th anniversary of the King's death
John Wilkinson, Elvis' rhythm guitar player and friend

The Dead Zone
It airs on USA Networks every Sunday night at 10pm
Anthony Michael Hall, actor

Missing Oregon girls': Has the killer been found?
Michelle Duffey, mother of Miranda Gaddis
Sharonda Garrett, Miranda's aunt

The greatest entertainer of all time!
Today marks the 25 year of the death of Elvis Presley
Jerry Schilling, Elvis' friend for 23 years

David Westerfield trial: Jury still deliberating
Dan Williams, former San Diego prosecutor
Al Deblanc, criminal defense attorney

Lest America's allies forget, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is an "evil man" who will "wreak havoc" on the world if no one stops him, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice said in an interview broadcast in Britain Thursday
Rania Masri, founder of the Iraq action coalition

Elvis Presley: Celebrating the legend
Why the magic of Elvis will endure forever in our minds
Sandy Miller, close and personal friend of Elvis
Bud Glass, producer of Elvis Behind the Image DVD collection

Controversial FHM magazine photos: Does sportscaster Jill Arrington's appearance in a men's magazine diminish the credibility of women sports journalists?
Scott Gramling, editor-in-chief FHM

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change