Holla! You cats didn't represent last night. It was off the charts, G! Why you hatin'?

For those of you who didn't understand what that meant, Foxnews.com has culled a list of the latest slang to descend from rap and hip-hop influences like Ja Rule, Jay-Z and P. Diddy into the vocabularies of our sons and daughters.

Keep a copy handy for quick translations:

Spending Money:

Bling-bling: Flashy jewelry; cash. "P. Diddy is so bling-bling."

Cheese, Cheddar: Money. "That G (gangsta) got cheddar."

Baller: A person with a lot of money; a ballplayer; a stud (player). "That cat is ballin'!"

Drop: A drop-top convertible.

Whip: A car.

Floss: To show off. "J. Lo be flossin' ice (diamonds)."

Playa hater: Someone who hates someone else; the player is usually popular and the hater is probably jealous. "Don't hate the playa, hate the game." "Don't hate on me." "Why you hatin'?"

Kicks: Shoes, sneakers.

Run Game: To attempt to con someone. "I ran game to get those kicks."


Out on the Town:

G: Gangster; a pal. "We go back to when I was a lower-case G."

Dirty: A friend. "You're my dirty, man (i.e. You're my boy. We're brothers.)."

Come Through: To show up. "Why didn't you come through last night?"

Represent: Give respect to; to be from a place. "She represents Queens, I represent Brooklyn."


Coolest Words for Cool:

Tight/Hot: Cool. "My new crib (pad) is tight/hot!"

Off the charts/chain/hook/heezie: Really cool. "Nelly is off the charts!"

Pop: Not cool anymore; played out, like a song. "The Real Slim Shady is so pop."


Love and Romance:

Shorty: A girl. "Shorty's lookin' proper."

Boo: A boyfriend or girlfriend. "I love you, Boo."


When You Really Mean It:

Fo' sheezy: For sure. "I'll be there, fo' sheezy."

Please believe it: Yes, definitely. (To be used instead of 'yes, definitely.')


Coming and Going:

Holla!: Hey; here I am; hello; goodbye.

One: One love, peace, goodbye. "I'm out. One."

Geneseo University DJ Dhaval Mehta contributed to this report.