Topics and Guests for June 28

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Topics and Guests for June 28:

¬ 9:10
Supreme Court upholds random drug tests for high school students in after-school activities
Stephanie Mather, attorney for the Center for Education law represents Tecumseh High School

¬ 9:20
This July 4th airline flights will be prohibited from flying near several monuments around the U.S.—why? Is this a good safety move?
Billie Vincent, former FAA security chief

¬ 9:35
Washington Post : Cyber-attacks by Al Qaeda feared
Morgan right, cyberterrorism analyst

¬ 10:03
The Pentagon says the U.S. could face missiles launched by terrorists from commercial ships 
Retired Capt. Chuck Nash, U.S. Navy

¬ 10:48
This week in the media
Eric Burns, host of Fox News Watch

¬ 11:03
Latest on the pledge ruling
Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News Channel senior judicial analyst

¬ 11:15
War on Al Qaeda shifts into global manhunt
Frank Anderson, former CIA chief of Near East and South Asia

¬ 11:35
9/11 families plan gathering away from WTC ruins this Saturday. Find out why some behind the scenes issues that are causing rifts between some families
Marie Granieri, younger brother James who was 26 years old died in the WTC tragedy

¬ 12:03
20,000 gas masks ordered for the capitol in case of terrorist attack
Chief Terrance Gainer, U.S. Capitol Police

¬ 1:10
Planes banned from flying over three national landmarks for July 4th
Governor William Janklow, South Dakota

¬ 1:20
FBI director Mueller to speak at the Muslim conference
Mohammed Javed Qureshi, Padilla's former boss


NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change