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Now let's check out some political stories we found below the fold. 

Mr. Manners

Even though President Bush loves making politicians feel important by giving them nicknames and inviting them over for dinner, the habit apparently hasn't rubbed off on his staff. 

Representative John Dingell, a Democrat, says every time he sends a letter to the president, he receives exactly the same reply from White House Director of Legislative Affairs Nicholas Calio.  "I have shared your letter with the president's advisers and the appropriate agencies.  Your comments are receiving their close and careful attention." 

When asked by Congress Daily whether the public complaint inspired a White House response, Dingell's chief of staff, Mark Wagner, answered, "Amazingly, no." 

Power of love

California's energy crisis continues to generate political heat. The state's attorney general, Bill Lockyer recently said of Kenneth Lay, chairman of Enron Corporation, "I would love to personally escort Lay to an 8-by-10 cell that he could share with a tattooed dude who says, `Hi, my name is Spike, honey.'"  Lockyer, by the way, is an architect of California's hate crime statute. 

Memorial seating arrangement

The June 1 funeral of late Congressman Joe Moakley featured a dazzling array of political all-stars, including George W. Bush and Bill Clinton and one diplomatic incident.  Moakley aides had planned to seat former Vice President Al Gore in row three, but lookey here, he's in the front row, displacing Senator John Kerry, pictured just behind.  Kerry, by the way, is a potential competitor for the 2004 Democratic nomination. 

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