Twitter attacks German figure skater for performing to 'Schindler's List' score

A German figure skater at the Winter Olympics in South Korea was criticized Thursday for performing to a score from Steven Spielberg’s 1993 movie “Schindler’s List.”

Nicole Schott, 21, skated to the violin composition written by John Williams. USA Today reported that other skaters have performed to the song, most recently Katarina Witt.  

The movie won an Oscar and depicts German-occupied Poland during World War II. Oskar Schindler was a German industrialist and the movie chronicles his efforts to shield more than 1,000 Jews from Nazi death camps by hiring them to work in his Krakow factory.

Nancy Armour, a columnist from USA Today, tweeted, “NO ONE SHOULD BE SKATING TO SCHINDLER’S LIST.”

Since the release of Spielberg's film, tourists to Krakow have sought out the place where Schindler kept the emaciated, frostbitten Jews, claiming their work was essential to the survival of his metal works factory, where prisoners produced enameled pots and pans.

Schindler spent his fortune feeding the Jews he saved. After the war, he emigrated to Argentina with his wife, Emilie, but returned to Germany in 1958 where he died in 1974. He was buried in Jerusalem at his own request.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.