'The Herd': Colin calls Chargers 'most underrated team' in NFL

Colin Cowherd is very high on Los Angeles' two NFL teams.

On Tuesday, the host of 'The Herd' offered up his Top 10 squads after Week 11.

Cowherd called the Chargers 'easily the most underrated team in this league' and the eventual winners of the AFC West while, discussing the Rams, said, despite the loss to the Vikings, the Rams are 'still a good team.'

More on the Chargers, No. 10 on 'Herd Hierarchy'

Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram have 19 sacks, second most by a pair of teammates.

Philip Rivers has 11 TDs of 20-plus yards.

This is a big play offense with a tremendous pass rush. It has taken them some time to get going.

They will win this division.

Onto the Rams, No. 6 on Cowherd's list.

Don't get too caught up in a loss. Winning at Minnesota is really, really tough.

They are 7-0 when they score 20-plus points, 0-3 when they don't. You get into a shootout, you're not going to beat this team.

They are 5-0 when Todd Gurley gets 20 touches.

Don't sell your stock, still a good team.

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