Odell Beckham Jr. says he was fined $18K for Sunday's Craig Sager tribute

Odell Beckham Jr. is a polarizing player, both for his flashiness and remarkable talent on the field. It rubs some people the wrong way and makes others like him even more. One thing everyone could agree on this past week, however, was that Beckham made a kind gesture by wearing cleats to honor the late Craig Sager.

Beckham intended to auction the shoes off after the game to benefit the Sager Strong Foundation, which only made his tribute and message even stronger. However, Beckham says the NFL fined him $18,000 without warning for wearing the cleats.

18k without a single warning , but the world would never kno, they act like it's no big deal. No respect for the message IMO

— Odell Beckham Jr (@OBJ_3) December 22, 2016

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He also said as much in a comment on DeSean Jackson's Instagram post, where he said he was also fined for wearing custom cleats.

Don't worry I got fined 18k for Craig Sager cleats that were auction off the cleats to the highest bidder and donating the proceeds to his cancer research. 18k like it's nothing to them, no waring to take them off or anything noTHING!

This makes an already frustrated Beckham even more angry. Earlier in the week, he called out the NFL for not fining Ezekiel Elliott after he jumped into the Salvation Army kettle. Now, he's being hit with an $18,000 penalty for paying tribute to a legend.