Seahawks LB asks Twitter to help him find $20k Magic card collection stolen from car

Seattle Seahawks outside linebacker Cassius Marsh had a prized possession stolen from his car on Wednesday and he's calling on 12s for some help.

Who ever stole my magic collection from my LR4 last night, if you are 12 plz return it and I will give you two tickets to next home game.

— Cassius Marsh (@KingCash_7191) November 9, 2016

The collection of cards were in one of the two backpacks stolen from his car after a window got smashed in downtown Seattle. And it's not just any Magic: The Gathering collection but one valued at about $20,000 to $25,000.

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All you 12s do me a huge favor and retweet my last tweet. Other than god family and football, my magic card collection is everything

— Cassius Marsh (@KingCash_7191) November 9, 2016

Unsurprisingly, some folks have ribbed the 24-year-old Marsh regarding his hobby. But he's got a good answer for that.

@jvsmitty22 I'm grown enough not to be ashamed of loving a game. I get paid to play a game I love. A grown man is the same no matter what

— Cassius Marsh (@KingCash_7191) November 9, 2016

Marsh also said, via the Seattle Times:

"I'm a nerd, for sure. I've been playing since I was 11. How people like gaming, I like cards. It's not even the money. I really enjoy playing the game. To me, that's what I do to get my mind off things sometimes. You know how people zone out sometimes? That's how I zone out. It's hurtful because those are one things I really care about."

The linebacker has said he's not looking to press charges against anyone. He just wants the collection back. Whoever has the collection or knows the person who has them should do the right thing in any case but if any added incentive is needed, that next home game is Seahawks-Eagles and it should be a good one.