Sunday was a bit of a disaster for two New York Jets quarterbacks, neither of whom go by the name of Ryan Fitzpatrick.

It all began with Geno Smith, who had his first start of 2016 derailed by a knee injury. Not long after Smith left the game, Jets legend Joe Namath chimed in to criticize Geno for standing on the sideline rather than getting back into the game.

If you've got a right knee injury keeping you out of the game why are you standing on the sideline the entire 2nd half? How bad can it be?

— Joe Namath (@RealJoeNamath) October 23, 2016

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Smith responded after the win by saying this, asking someone to get the message to Namath.

Somebody tell Joe that the doctors have the final say on whether you can or cannot get back into the game...... and also that I love him!

— Geno (@GenoSmith7) October 23, 2016

After first believing the injury would be minor, the Jets learned on Monday that Smith tore his ACL and is out for the year. Upon hearing the news, Namath sent his condolences to Smith via Twitter.

@GenoSmith7 My bad Geno. In the dark ages we players had the say. I hope you heal and play as long as you choose! Joe

— Joe Namath (@RealJoeNamath) October 25, 2016

Namath was obviously in the wrong for criticizing Smith in the first place, but his comment seemed even worse once severity of Smith's injury was known. Maybe Joe should step away from Twitter for a bit.