Lane Johnson knows what's coming, and the Philadelphia Eagles right tackle is doing his best to brace for it. Johnson tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs earlier this month and is awaiting word on an expected 10-game suspension.

So how does it feel to know this punishment is coming? Johnson makes a morbid comparison.

"It's like waiting for an execution date," Johnson said, via USA Today. "It's mentally frustrating. It's been living hell for the past month, having to think about it all the time, knowing that one of the players who was really going to help the team this year is not going to be able to do it."

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Johnson, who has spent his first three years with the Eagles after the club drafted him in the fourth round in 2013, is frustrated by the entire situation and, according to, has vowed to sue the manufacturer of the supplement he believes triggered the positive test.

"Food and water. That's all I'm going to put in my system. Food and water. No supplements, no powders, nothing," Johnson told

This isn't the first time Johnson has violated the league's PED policy. He was suspended four games in 2014 for using Adderall without the NFL's permission. If Johnson triggers a third positive PED test, he would be facing a two-year ban.

"It sucks, the situation I'm in," Johnson said. "Put the blame all on me -- you're responsible for what you put in your body -- but as far as that's concerned, I've been honest."

At this point, Johnson is stuck in limbo as he awaits his looming suspension, which could come any day.

"Just mentally frustrating. It's hard to concentrate on what you need to concentrate on," Johnson said.