Jake Plummer apologizes for expletive-filled rant directed at Jerry Jones

Earlier this week we told you about an expletive-filled tirade by former NFL quarterback Jake Plummer that he shared with an outlet in Denver. The story, which was ultimately about medical marijuana use in the NFL, included an excerpt in which Plummer called Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones a "billionaire [expletive]."

Obviously, the story has made the rounds since and Plummer went on FOX Sports Radio 910 in Phoenix on Thursday to clarify them. While he didn't take back what he said, he did apologize for the tone which he delivered them and to Jones specifically.

"I was in a passionate moment at that time," Plummer told the radio state. "Sometimes I might not think everything through clearly. It came out, I said it, I'll own it, I'll stand by it. I don't know Jerry Jones personally enough to call him that, which is probably why I shouldn't have used that word. But, for him to say those things about the absurdity of a link between CTE and brain trauma -- it points to a guy who's trying to protect his investment or is completely out of touch with reality."

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From there, Plummer continued.

"I probably didn't do well by calling him what I did, but hey it's what happened at that moment and people are talking about it which is a great thing. Ultimately we want to save the game, we don't want to fight the NFL over this, we just want to help keep the game that we all love to watch -- and I loved to play -- Keep it alive."

Credit Plummer for this: While the original comments were combative, he was able to apologize Thursday, while still getting his greater message across. And while he obviously feels bad about the names he used, it doesn't take away from his larger point about the NFL, head trauma and alternative ways to treat injuries.

Whether you believe medical marijuana is something which should be used for chronic pain -- and many in the NFL besides Plummer do -- apologizing was the right thing to do, and we're glad he did.

(Note: Thanks to FOX Sports Radio 910 for sending the audio along. You can listen to the whole interview here.)