Brett Favre admits he hasn't even started his Hall of Fame speech

Brett Favre loved to improvise on the football field, letting his gunslinger instincts take over in many instances. And it looks like Favre is taking that play-it-by-ear approach to his Hall of Fame speech, which he will have to make in a little more than a month.

"At some point, I have to start preparing a speech -- which I am not good at doing," Favre said, via ESPN. "It's closing fast. As we get older, we find that time flies. That's the case here. It seems like yesterday I was just preparing for [returning to] Green Bay this past summer. It'll be here quick."

Favre, who did not reveal who would present him at his Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement on Aug. 6, has reconnected with Green Bay Packers fans years after his bitter split with the franchise. He gave an emotional speech in last July, when the Packers inducted him in the team's Hall of Fame.

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Favre said he's not stunned by how Packers fans have welcomed him back, citing the loyalty the city has with its sports teams.

"[The love] started coming back this past summer. It was a great welcome back," Favre said when asked about the "MVP" and "Go Pack go" chants he heard on the course Saturday. "Again, I am not surprised. The fans here, it's a special place. I tell people all the time, 'L.A. tries to field a team over and over again. They got way more people in L.A. than we have in the state of Wisconsin, I'm sure, but yet there's a 45-, 50-year waiting list for season tickets. It's because this place is special and unique and they support their home folks. It meant a lot this past summer, and it means a lot now."