DeMaryius Thomas: Broncos 'still got time' to figure out quarterback situation

The Denver Broncos quarterback situation remains a mystery and a mess.

After four years of bringing along Brock Osweiler, the Broncos had their lightly worn, still-in-box backup quarterback stolen by the Houston Texans to the tune of a four-year, $72 million deal.

Now they're picking up the pieces. And bringing in new pieces. They've got a lot of pieces, really.

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Between Mark Sanchez, Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch, Denver has a lot to figure out before season's start re: who exactly going to throw footballs for this team in the regular season. And DeMaryius Thomas has no idea how it's going to shake out.

The veteran wide receiver (and now the longest tenured member on the Broncos' roster) told the Denver Post's Nicki Jhabvali that it's hard to gauge where the quarterback competition is because they're all so very new.

"All of them can make every throw, but it's a little different going with somebody new," Thomas said. "I've been with Peyton for the last four years, and of course I had [Osweiler] as well. But it's like my first time going with any of them of them."

Thomas said he has no idea who he'll work with on first-team offense, and that it's challenging not knowing who's going to be throwing to him on a given day.

"More repetition. It's going to be hard to say who I go with because don't know who the guy is right now. I did something with Mark Sanchez in Orange County. That kind of helped. But Trevor was there as well. It's kind of tought right now to kind of go out and see who I'll have more reps with. It's easy when you can go out every day and say 'You want to throw 10 balls here?' But it's different when you got someone in front of him."

Thomas had high praise for Siemian, saying last year's third-stringer has "a great ball and poise." But when asked how many passes he caught from Siemian last year, well, not so many.

"Maybe two, three," Thomas said. "Maybe."

But Thomas isn't worried. The Broncos still have time.

"Oh we're not worried," Thomas said. "We still got time. These guys are going to be fine."

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