Aston Villa do the saddest snapchat takeover ever

Aston Villa are failing in just about every way one of England's biggest and most storied clubs can fail. Already assured of relegation with three matches left in the season, the West Midlands giants racked up another huge L when allowing shirt sponsor Quickbooks to take over their Snapchat account.

Resembling a giant green M&M, "Mr. QB" poses for pictures with Villa supporters barely able to hide the gaping wounds caused by their club's confirmed Premier League death sentence. The mascot's stitched-on smile appears more authentic than the forced smiles of seven-year-olds with the misfortune to have grown up watching Joleon Lescott defend week in week out.

Having taken nothing from their 4-2 loss to Southampton, the only thing Lions fans have to look forward to is the sweet merciful end the final whistle of the season will bring on May 15th.

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It'll all be over soon kids. It'll all be over soon.