Doctors told Tyler Lockett playing football was too risky, dangerous

Like just about any other sport -- aside from maybe golf -- football is dangerous. The best athletes in the world running 15-plus mph at each other, tackling one another will cause some injuries.

No one will doubt that. And some parents will go as far as saying it's too dangerous to let their children play. Doctors will say the same thing under certain circumstances.

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett, one of the best offensive rookies in the league last season, was almost told he couldn't play football anymore.

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At the NFL Combine last year, doctors said to Lockett that football was too risky for him to play due to an undisclosed issue with his body. They even told him a hard hit could kill him from the impact. After undergoing tests, Lockett was cleared to play and participate at the combine, but the risk was still there.

Lockett took to Instagram on Thursday to share the story.

Around this time last year at the combine. I was told that I'm not be able to perform until some test was ran on me. I took a cat scan that took about 15-20 minutes and it determined if I could ever play football again. It was the longest 15-20 min and scariest 15-20 min of my life. They cleared me to play. Then doctors I had to visit said it's too risky, asked my major and basically said football may be over. Told me if I get hit hard I might die off impact, Etc. I told him I don't believe that God would bring me this far and tease me and then I don't make it. one of the most emotional days of my life. I broke down as soon as the doctor left the office. I don't know if they doubted the God that I serve or if they didn't understand the purpose that I was given. They told me football was too risky. But obviously God showed me something different! As I look back at my first year I went from not even supposed to play again according to some doctors who hadn't seen anything like it to God showing me what He has planned for me in my life! So to everyone in the combine and who will be participating in pro day.... PROVE THEM ALL WRONG.... YOU CAN AND YOU WILL.... JUST BELIEVE.... GOD GOT YOU!!!! #God #Family #BigThankYouToTheDoctorsThatClearedMe #GodIsBigger #Combine #Purpose #Exception #IJustNeedAChance #ThankYouSeahawkFamily

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Fortunately, Lockett stayed healthy throughout the season and was able to play all 16 games. He was a big part of the Seahawks' run late in the year, contributing on special teams and on offense. He'll have an even bigger role next season as he gets more acclimated to the speed of the NFL.