Odell Beckham Jr.'s cousin is an absolute physical freak, attempting to become an NFL RB

He can bench press 225 pounds 42 times, boasts a 45-inch vertical jump, looks like he was chiseled from marble and has NFL in his DNA. But can he play football?

That's the money question, but with chart-breaking figures (the most reps ever by a running back at the NFL Combine is 32), Terron Beckham, cousin of New York Giants Pro Bowl wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., is going to get a chance.

There's a couple caveats. First, Beckham hasn't played football since high school. He's spent the past several years working as a trainer and fitness model. Second, his (first) chance will come at the National Scouting Combine on Feb. 25. That's a separate event from the televised NFL Combine -- the one where the nation's top college players from the major conferences convene meat-market style for multiple days.

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But Beckham will get a real look at the National Scouting Combine from which many participating players have reached the NFL. The 5-foot-11, 230 pound running back hopeful will get more looks than the average Joe because he's a freakish physical specimen and, yes, because he's OBJ's cousin.

Pedigree will only get you so far, though. Ask Cam Newton's brother Cecil, a former practice-squad offensive lineman.

Now get a load of some of Beckham's training videos and images:

405 for 5x5tag a friend who wants help with a good bench strength set - - So here is my last set of a 5x5 .. I am at the point around 3-4 reps where my muscle is just drained and I can no longer complete a full rep by myself. So instead of racking it, my spotter comes in and assist me as I do a negative rep instead. - - A negative rep is when you focus on the eccentric phase of the movement, trying to move it as slow and in control as possible. @test_football @kd_elite_sports @innerarmour

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tag a friend and follow for more 225lb box jump for reps (I would suggest not to attempt, please safety first) - - Those wreck less moments when you just feel incredible and would try anything, yea that is this moment. I started doing weighted box jumps along time ago, and even though I don't do them as extreme anymore, they let me kne what I am capable of. Doing them with dumbbell are much safer so please if so use Dumbbells and not a barbell.

A video posted by Terron F.Beckham (@fbaftermath) on

Footwork, coordination, @zoid_fitness will get you right .. Enough said... Use code "FBA1" for a discount with your purchase

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Tag a friend that can move weight Strength days at @test_football high pulls for me with 415lbs(6 45's 4 25,s +bar(45lb) for 5 reps could be cleaned up a bit more but I was ok with doing it at 390 so I decided to see how well I could handle 415. Fueled by @innerarmour @umoro Strength & performance programs $20 (link in bio) 12 weeks 7days a week

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OBJ's Giants have been looking far and wide for more offensive pieces. The team just signed French wide receiver Anthony Dable who spent the past two seasons playing in Germany.

What might Beckham look like in an NFL backfield with some polish and seasoning?

"They're gonna get a workhorse," he told told CBS2's Steve Overmyer. "Marshawn Lynch and AP transformed into one person."

Taking parts of their nicknames "Beast Mode" and "All Day" you can get . . . "All Beast." But we'll check the nickname until we see if he can take a hit.