Calvin Pryor shared the same opinion as millions of other viewers after watching Super Bowl 50.

The performance by Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller en route to winning Most Valuable Player honors in Sunday night's 24-10 victory over the Carolina Panthers left a powerful impression on Pryor, a safety with the New York Jets.

@star_island25 "if we had a pass rush like denver" what should we assume. Big mo and Sheldon mite take that personal #jetup

— Bman (@Bjonesy42) February 8, 2016

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@star_island25 - you said nothing but the truth, we havent' had an outside edge rusher since you were in p op warner my man #nyj

— Brian (@One30Three) February 8, 2016

@star_island25 can tell footballs over if people are making this into a story has nobody else ever said something diff than they meant to?

— Nick Totoro (@wolfpak999) February 8, 2016

@star_island25 If only we had safeties and CBs who blanket WRs our sacks would improve.

— Edgar George Walcott (@peerpayo) February 8, 2016

@star_island25 I got what you meant. Anybody would love it, but it wasn't a knock on your guys. Just imagine Von Miller.

— Wiscojetsfan (@wiscojetsfan) February 8, 2016

@star_island25 think before you tweet fam

— Zaun Mongo (@ZaunMongo) February 8, 2016

It also led Pryor to tweet: "If we had a pass rush like Denver" with three unhappy faces following it. That drew quite the reaction from fans of the Jets, some in agreement with Pryor, some believing that he insulted New York's defense, prompting the second-year safety to delete the tweet soon thereafter.

After all, the Jets fielded a pretty fair defense of their own this season, ranking No. 4 overall, seventh in points allowed and No. 2 against the run - one slot above Denver.

Everyone knows how great our front 7 is...chill & stop trying to assume things ppl

— Calvin Pryor III (@star_island25) February 8, 2016

Seeing the reaction garnered by the initial tweet, Pryor sent out another a few hours later attempting to soothe the waters: Everyone knows how great our front 7 is...chill & stop trying to assume things ppl."