Johnny Manziel endorses return of coaching staff and receivers

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel would like to see some stability in the organization after the season comes to a close.

With the Browns in the midst of another losing season at 3-11, speculation is already swirling that owner Jimmy Haslam may clean house once again. Manziel, already on his second offensive coordinator in as many seasons, would like to see Mike Pettine and the rest of the coaching staff return. Those sentiments were strengthened after getting an up close and personal look at Russell Wilson's performance in Sunday's loss to Seattle, per

"The (Seahawks) have been doing this for awhile at a really high level. I think this is the best that he's played probably throughout his career, so I don't know if I can really picture that (kind of stability) moving forward. We'll see what happens. I don't think anybody really knows.

"I want these guys to be here next year. I want to have these receivers and the people that we have on this roster on the staff, so we can go through the spring and not have to learn what this call is and this play and be able to go through a spring and have some of the continuity ... So it definitely would be a luxury for sure."

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The Browns have been anything but stable since returning to Cleveland in 1999. They've had eight head coaches and 24 starting quarterbacks since then. With another high pick coming in the draft, the franchise can still decide to select another quarterback if they don't think Manziel is the long-term solution.

While a return for the coaching staff will keep the players from once again having to learn a new system, whoever the quarterback is will need more help in the receiving department despite Manziel's plea. Free agent signee Dwayne Bowe has been a complete bust and is unlikely to return next season. Josh Gordon would provide a major boost if he can stay out of trouble. Pettine said as much last week while offering a curious qualifier.

"That would turn out to be a positive thing if Josh is with us next year and Johnny's on the roster, that those two have built a rapport together.''

As almost always in Cleveland, no one quite knows who will be back next season.