Shannon Sharpe and Brandon Browner go at it on Twitter

Well, it seems that the recent struggles of Saints cornerback Brandon Browner have led to a few people speaking out on Twitter. One of those people? Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe.

Sharpe didn't shy away from his criticism of Browner, even saying that the team should release him.

In turn, this led to a snowball effect of back-and-forth between the former tight end and Browner.

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Saints should release B. Browner. He's not worth the distraction as sub par CB .

— shannon sharpe (@ShannonSharpe) December 6, 2015

Well, there you have it. Apparently Sharpe and Browner aren't the biggest fans of each other at this point. I'm not expecting that to change anytime soon, as Sharpe seemed ready and willing to stand by his statement.

@ShannonSharpe it's easy to talk with fake teeth

— Brandon Browner (@bbrowner27) December 7, 2015

You shouldn't throw stones when you live in a glass house.

— Brandon Browner (@bbrowner27) December 7, 2015

Just play better football. Enjoy your evening."@bbrowner27: @ShannonSharpe it's easy to talk with fake teeth"

— shannon sharpe (@ShannonSharpe) December 7, 2015

Everyone knows I'm the lip sparring champ,if I get into a battle with @bbrowner27.I'm a part of the story. His terrible play gets lost. FACT

— shannon sharpe (@ShannonSharpe) December 7, 2015

(h/t Bleacher Report)