When you're a cornerback in the NFL, having a short memory is a must. Dwelling on previous mistakes will only make matters worse.

New England Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler is young and fairly inexperienced, and he's learning to block out missed opportunities and look forward. In the past two games, Butler has allowed three catches for 98 yards -- two of which went for touchdowns.

It's obviously bothered him some, but he's vowed to fix his mistakes and be better than before.

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"It's very hard, man," Butler said via Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald. "It's very hard. It's a game of inches. One little mess-up can mess up a whole lot of things. But I've learned from that, and it's [going to be] a big improvement. I'll be better than ever the next time I take the field."

Butler will have to wait an extra week to redeem himself as the Patriots are off this week for their bye. But his next opportunity will come against the Dez Bryant-less Dallas Cowboys in Week 5. Additionally, Butler won't have to deal with Tony Romo next week, making his chances of rebounding even better.

Even with a couple of poor plays, Butler has still played at a very high level this season.

"One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch, so you've got to correct those errors," Butler said.