Tennessee Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan showed up in the locker room on Thursday minus his trademark mustache.

When asked by reporters why he shaved, Lewan said he has been alerted to the fact the mustache had its owner Twitter account. As it turns out, he wasn't kidding.

"I thought things just went too far, to have an identity of mustache is too much," Lewan said, per a video posted on the team's official Twitter.

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The second-year left tackle went on to explain he was further motivated to get rid of the mustache by the fact the Titans lost to the Browns last week, and that the facial hair was beginning to bother him anyway.

"I consider myself a much more handsome man without a mustache, as much as it pains me to say," Lewan said.

Lewan also said he's sure he'll grow a mustache again at some point. No word yet on whether the mustache's Twitter plans to wait out the hiatus.

(h/t Twitter)