Often times, a wide receiver and quarterback have special set of signals they send back and forth at the line of scrimmage. Sometimes it's a verbal phrase, sometimes it's a hand signal.

Brandon Marshall and Ryan Fitzpatrick of the New York Jets are no different. On Monday night, they used one of their signals for Marshall's 15-yard touchdown reception.

"Yee-yee? ... Yee-yee?" Marshall told reporters via the team's official site. "YEE-YEE!"

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So what does "Yee-Yee" mean? Well, it's just a way of Marshall getting Fitzpatrick's attention in crunch time.

"[Chad] Ochocinco is famous for that," Marshall said. "It's crunch time. We need to make a play. I don't care what the coverage is. Just throw it up."

Well, it seemed to work fairly well as the play went for a touchdown with Marshall carrying three defenders into the end zone. In fact, it worked so well that Marshall wants to turn the phrase into merchandise.

"Yee-yee, I know it would start with a 'y', 'e', 'e'," Marshall said on how to spell the phrase. "Yee-yee, yeah we'll go with that, get some shirts made yee-yee."

(h/t New York Jets)