The Jacksonville Jaguars' experiment using defensive end Tyson Alualu as a blocking back added a new wrinkle in last Sunday's win over the Miami Dolphins.

Alualu caught the Dolphins off-guard with a three-yard reception for a first down in Jacksonville's 23-20 victory.

The six-year veteran said the Jaguars ran the play a number of times in practice and he always made the catch.

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"If I dropped it all the time (in practice), they probably wouldn't throw it to me in the game,'' Alualu said, per the Florida Times-Union. "I'm glad they trust me.''

Jacksonville's first-round pick in 2010, Alualu said he'd love to get another chance to show off his receiving skills.

"I'm ready for another opportunity,'' Alualu said.

Alualu may get his next chance when the Jaguars face the New England Patriots on the road this Sunday.

(h/t Florida Times-Union)