Bengals kicker Mike Nugent had one of four failed extra points in Week 1. The move back to the 33-yard line has already had a dramatic effect on the kicking game, and Nugent thinks it's exactly what the league wanted.

Only eight PATs were missed all of last season, and while Nugent was victimized by a block rather than a straight miss, he still isn't happy with the rule change.

"It's a rule that was changed to make players fail more," Nugent said per the Cincinnati Enquirer. "This is an offensive-driven league. Everyone wants to see points. Everyone wants to see 65-64. But to change a rule to make less points, it just confuses me, and I completely just disagree with it."

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Whatever the league's intentions, the change was made to add more excitement to a play that had become virtually automatic over the years. The success rate on PATs over the last 10 years was 99.1 percent, according to STATS research. Kickers were 71-for-75 on extra points in Week 1.

"There's only reason they moved it back -- they want us to miss more," Nugent said. "Whoever came up with the rule got what they wanted."

h/t: Cincinnati Enquirer