You can say a lot of unsavory things about the reputation of "Raider Nation."

But disloyal? It's a major stretch -- but that's exactly what one marketing firm alleges.

Brand Keys, a consultancy firm which helps companies develop better "brand loyalty," just marked the Raiders dead last when it comes to longtime fans.

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Four factors were weighed in their analysis: History and Tradition, Fan Bonding, Pure Entertainment and Authenticity. Teams like the Packers, Patriots, and Seahawks ranked high in the study.

There's no question the Raiders should've, too. Fans have stuck with the team through a 12-year stretch of non-winning seasons. They show up to O.Co Coliseum in full face paint. They wear Halloween costumes for three hours at a time.

It's tough to overlook the characters that pack "The Black Hole" but this study proves it's not impossible.

(h/t Just Blog Baby)