Report: Patriots' play stealing worked best against Dolphins, Bills

On Tuesday, ESPN's "Outside the Lines" released a new report claiming that the New England Patriots' cheating scandal, "Spygate," went much deeper than previously thought.

In the report, it states that the Patriots videotaped the hand signals of opposing teams at least 40 different times from 2000 to 2007. Among those teams were the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills, whom the Patriots play twice per year.

What's interesting about those two teams is that they were considered to be "less sophisticated" than the rest of the teams. Former coaches for the Patriots say that stealing signals worked best against the Dolphins and Bills, because they were "less sophisticated" and didn't change their signals. Here's what the report states.

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While the Bills and Dolphins may have been more vulnerable due to the fact that they didn't change their hand signals, the Patriots were still the superior team during that time period. Regardless, it's an interesting not from the report, given the Patriots' success in the AFC East.

(h/t ESPN)