Running back Justin Forsett heard a familiar voice ask a question during his conference call with Ravens season ticket holders Tuesday evening. The voice claimed to be in his second season as a die-hard Ravens fan from Utah.

"Hey, Justin, it's an honor to speak to you," Smith said per Jamison Hensley of "I've been a fan since you were like 4-foot-5. I just want to know, since you got that new contract, has it stopped you from running hard like you used to your first year? Are you still hungry or are you just going to rest on your laurels?"

The 5-foot-8 Forsett laughed as the jokes kept coming, realizing that it was teammate Steve Smith Sr. on the line, replying, "There's no resting on my laurels, Steve. I work hard every day on the field. I think you can attest to that, right?"

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"I heard they gave you a vet day off yesterday," Smith followed up.

Forsett's response? "Yeah, it was the same one you got off."

Smith is one of the league's best trash talkers, but it appears even his own teammates won't be spared as he enters his final season.