Devin McCourty: Bill Belichick 'handles' fights in Patriots practice

It took 12 days for the first major scrap to break out at New England Patriots training camp.

Rookie defensive tackle Malcom Brown and guard Ryan Groy got into it at the end of practice, and both players were forced to leave the field after punches were thrown. It's a good reminder that fights will get players booted from the field as the Patriots head to West Virginia to hold joint practices against the New Orleans Saints.

"Can't do it, so we can't be in the game doing it, so I think Coach Belichick handles that situation, and it's never a big deal," safety Devin McCourty said after Saturday's practice. "It happens, it's over with, and we move on."

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McCourty takes the smart approach by not throwing punches at guys wearing a helmet.

"Nah, I never thought it would be good for my hand, so I stay away from it," the defensive captain said.

Defensive end Chandler Jones, brother of MMA fighter Jon "Bones" Jones, said no one has ever tried to fight him during practice.

"I've been playing football since third grade and I've never gotten into a fight at practice, never. … I might know a few moves here and there," Jones said. "Actually, I do know some moves, so maybe that's why. That's why."

Brown returned to the field after practice concluded to run sprints.

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