Magic Johnson backs Brady, won't watch Patriots if he isn't playing

The New England Patriots aren't the only ones that will miss Tom Brady on the field if his suspension is upheld. NBA legend Magic Johnson will too -- maybe more than Patriots fans.

Johnson spoke on the Brady-Deflategate situation while at a charity softball in Rhode Island on Monday, making it well known that he's a big fan of the Patriots quarterback. So much so that he won't even watch the team unless Brady's on the field.

"I'm a Tom Brady fan," Johnson said via WEEI. "I don't want to see Tom Brady miss one game. Because then I'm not watching. I'm just telling you like it is, I want to see Tom Brady and the Patriots."

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Johnson is like every other NFL fan: He wants to see Tom Brady on the field. Period. Even Patriot "haters" and rivals want to see Brady playing because it makes the games that much more exciting.

"Look, we're all competitive," he continued. "We don't want to see New England without Tom Brady. If you're a great football team and a great football player, you want to have them at their best, and that's who you want to beat."

For as much as Johnson praised Brady, it wasn't the only topic of discussion. Johnson is also a huge fan of the AFC East as a whole, and thinks it'll be incredibly competitive.

"I want to see Tom Brady against the AFC East, because I believe it's going to be the best division in football," he said. "The Jets have improved, the Dolphins have improved, the Bills have a great defense. So I want to see. I'm a big football fan, a big NFL fan."

Needless to say, Johnson is desperate to see Brady on the field Week 1. He's obviously a huge Brady fan and strongly believes he's innocent, saying "I don't care what anyone says. They went out there and won the [Super Bowl]."

(h/t WEEI)