The St. Louis Rams and Nick Foles are still in the get-to-know-you phase of their relationship, and they worked out a contract that reflects as much.

On Friday night, the team announced a two-year extension through the 2017 season for the former Philadelphia Eagles draft pick, whom the Rams acquired in a trade on the first day of the league year back in March.

The deal is worth an average of $12.25 million per season in new money and includes $13.79 million in guarantees, a source told FOX Sports, adding that the final year of the contract can void based on performance. Cutting the deal short would make Foles a free agent at age 28.

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In essence, it could be a one-year extension at a time when other quarterbacks have signed four- and five-year deals. The shorter length could work for both sides, with the Rams doling out less money per year than some other deals while Foles can set himself up for a big payday in a few years.

Foles' guarantee isn't too shabby, though, when compared to the $17 million Andy Dalton received on a six-year extension and the $12.3 million full guarantee Colin Kaepernick got. Since guaranteed money is really the only thing that really matters when it comes to NFL contracts, it appears the Rams took a different route to the same outcome by sweetening the pot in the short term and protecting themselves in the long run.

A source said Foles, who missed eight games last season, wanted to get a deal done before the start of the regular season, though he didn't set a deadline of any sort. Foles was due to make $1.522 million this season and will now get significantly more. His deal allows the Rams some flexibility to add impact players on offense via free agency the next two years.

Of course, if those players help Foles prove to be the player he was in 2013 (27 touchdowns to two interceptions) more than last season (13 touchdowns to 10 interceptions) the Rams will need to save some money for a much bigger contract in just two years.