The Dan Quinn era for the Atlanta Falcons is underway, and things seem to be quite a bit different from what we've seen in the past. One thing that Quinn does daily, per a story from Peter King on the Monday Morning Quarterback, is getting his team's frame of mind right every single day.

The most recent move by Quinn, according to King, was the decision to show his team the video of the UFC fighter Ronda Rousey's most recent victory. If you haven't seen it, Rousey dominated Bethe Correia in a whopping 34 seconds.

The reaction? Well, Quinn said it hit home.

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"There was a genuine respect for her in the room," Quinn told MMQB a few hours later. "I wanted to show them this fight because she is a great example of the fact that there is another level of competitor out there. We're trying to find that extra level in all of our players. Athletes like her we hope will leave an impression."

You can only imagine this type of video really left an impression on the players. One who specifically stood up and was blown away by it was quarterback Matt Ryan.

"That," said quarterback Matt Ryan, "was a unique way to start a meeting. Holy crap. She kicked her ass! Rousey's so dominant. Such an intimidating factor. You can see when you watch her; she wins before she enters the ring. I really like things like this. I think it's a great way to tap into a diverse locker room. Guys love it."

That's how you start a morning meeting. All companies should probably take note.

(h/t MMQB)