Los Angeles hasn't had a professional football team in over 20 years.

Maybe -- just maybe -- there's a reason why.

The MMQB's Emily Kaplan polled more than 100 Los Angelinos at random in an attempt to gain fan excitement. The results were scattered, lukewarm, and semi-frightening to any team looking to pick up and move to the second largest American market.

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Perhaps 28-year-old Steffany Strain summed up Kaplan's findings best.

"I'd like to go, and I love football," Strain told MMQB.com. "But traffic would be a bummer. It's probably just easier to watch from home or a bar."

Those problems plagued the NFL during its last stint in town. USC and UCLA draw NFL-like crowds on Saturday. Plus, Los Angeles is a city of transplants -- each with their own team loyalties.

That's why the Raiders and Rams packed up 20 years ago and left town. They both landed in smaller but more dedicated markets.

"I love the NFL," said Rob Goldman, a 55-year-old attorney. "But I love watching it from my couch. No fussing with drunk people, no shelling out hundreds, no sitting in traffic."

One or more teams will end up in Los Angeles again soon. When they do, they'll clearly be facing an uphill battle in a city that gets by just fine without pro football.

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