Williams says Tiger needs focus in return

Tiger Woods' caddie Steve Williams thinks focus is key for the golfer to succeed on his return to the green after a scandalous four month break, he said in an interview with New Zealand news channel TVNZ on Tuesday.

Williams will be carrying the disgraced former world No. 1's bag at his comeback appearance at the Masters next week, but said he was not expecting a crowd reaction.

"The people that go and watch Augusta, they call them patrons there, not spectators," he told TVNZ, hinting that it was this reason that Woods chose the tournament for his comeback.

"Augusta are very specific with who they let in there, so they are genuine golf fans. I don't really expect any of those people having any problems. I think they will be very happy to see Tiger playing at Augusta where he's been successful," Williams said.

The Kiwi caddie said that at his 25th return to the golf course in Atlanta, he expected Woods' ability to focus would determine his success.

"Just focus, I think that is going to be the big thing. Tiger hasn't played competitively in four months and hasn't played any warm-up tournaments going into a major championship," he said.

"They are difficult tournaments at the best of the times having not played a practice tournament or a pre-tournament, it is going to be difficult, so just to keep his focus on what we are doing, that is going to be the foremost thing in my mind."

"Tiger doesn't play in golf tournaments unless he believes he can win. By granting those media interviews and taking those questions about the Masters indicates to me that he really is getting ready and feels like he is going to be able to compete," Williams said.

"Tiger's key strength as we all know is his mental strength and he is going to need it all through this period."

Woods has not competed since his victory at the Australian Masters on Nov. 15, following his stunning fall from grace amid salacious revelations about his private life.

He has won the Masters tournament four times in the past.