Massive dust storm turns entire town orange

A huge dust storm turned a town in the Australian outback orange earlier this week.

The dust storm hit the town of Charleville, in south western Queensland on Tuesday, the BBC reported.

Some trees were knocked over by the storm, which caused minor damage.


Images of the town eerily blanketed in orange dust were posted on social media. “Feeling dusty on a Tuesday afternoon? Spare a thought for #Charleville at the moment. Visibility is low so take care on the roads!” warned Queensland Police in posts on Facebook and Twitter.

The Queensland Bureau of Meteorology tweeted high-resolution satellite images of the dust storm. “Gusty outflow from nearby storms kicked up plenty of dust and knocked over trees in the area,” it explained.

Australia’s Royal Flying Doctor service tweeted an incredible video captured from an aircraft flying over the vast orange dust cloud.

Local resident Bec Brayley also tweeted incredible ‘before and after’ shots from the storm.

Citing Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology, the BBC reported that the dust storm was estimated to be 124 miles wide, with winds of up to 60 mph.

Huge dust storms are not uncommon in Australia. In 2013, for example, an eye-popping red dust storm hit the west of the country.

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