Gorka questions loyalty in West Wing, says Trump assured him he's 'sticking to' agenda

Sebastian Gorka, the former national security aide who left the White House last week, said Tuesday that President Trump assured him he is “sticking to the agenda,” though Gorka voiced concern that the president is surrounded by people who don't share his goals. 

Speaking with "Fox & Friends," Gorka said Trump is "not going to give up." 

But he questioned whether those around the president in the West Wing will support him. 

"The 'Make America Great Again' platform … there are a lot of people in that building that really don’t agree with it and aren't associated with it," Gorka said. 

Gorka’s departure was announced late Friday by the White House, following numerous reports that others in Trump’s inner circle -- particularly family members -- wanted him fired.

Gorka made public a resignation letter after the announcement in which he argued the architects of Trump’s winning presidential campaign are being removed.

“Regrettably, outside of yourself, the individuals who most embodied and represented the policies that will ‘Make America Great Again’ have been … systematically removed or undermined in recent months,” Gorka wrote in the letter.

He left the White House about a week after Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon, another economic nationalist, was also apparently ousted.  

The resignations have raised questions among Trump's most loyal supporters about whether the agenda he ran on still holds. Gorka said the president is staying true to that. 

"The president reached out to me after I resigned on Saturday ... and he also said, ‘I am sticking to the agenda.' ... And he wants me to help him from the outside." 

Gorka said he will support Trump "to the fullest." 

Gorka also was asked about leaks from the West Wing. He argued the “really damaging stuff” is the roughly 125 national security leaks in the first six months of the administration that he attributed to remaining Obama administration staffers.

“As far as I’m concerned, those are coming from Obama holdovers,” Gorka said. “We have a massive amount of holdovers who do not agree with this president and don’t understand that as a government civil servant, you serve the president and not your own agenda. That is what I think is the source.”