Trump: 'Repeal & Replace is not dead!'

President Trump argued Saturday that the effort to repeal and replace ObamaCare is not yet dead, as he pressured senators not to give up on overhauling former President Obama’s 2010 law.

“Unless the Republican Senators are total quitters, Repeal & Replace is not dead!” Trump tweeted Saturday afternoon. “Demand another vote before voting on any other bill!”

Throughout the day on Saturday, the president expressed frustration on Twitter with Senate Republicans, who have repeatedly failed in recent weeks to pass legislation that eliminates or overhauls ObamaCare.

The latest setback came early Friday morning when three Republicans joined with Democrats in opposing the latest effort to pass what was called “skinny repeal.”

Earlier Saturday, Trump threatened to end health care “bailouts” for insurers and lawmakers.

“If a new HealthCare Bill is not approved quickly, BAILOUTS for Insurance Companies and BAILOUTS for Members of Congress will end very soon!” Trump tweeted.


He also dinged Republicans for protesting the health care law during Obama’s presidency while being unable to send a bill repealing it to Trump’s desk.

“After seven years of ‘talking’ Repeal & Replace, the people of our great country are still being forced to live with imploding ObamaCare!” Trump said.

The president also called for the Senate to change its rules and do away with the legislative filibuster, something he said would make it easier to get his legislative agenda passed.

“Republicans in the Senate will NEVER win if they don't go to a 51 vote majority NOW. They look like fools and are just wasting time......” he said.