Gorsuch Confirmation

Who is 'SCOTUS'? Why millennials should care about Gorsuch

Thanks to Netflix, many millennials have seen "The West Wing," and if they've seen the first episode, they know who "POTUS" is. Unfortunately, no similar pop-culture references exist to inform millennials what SCOTUS is, who they are, or what they do, or what Judge Neil Gorsuch has to do with any of it.

When Jimmy Kimmel asked millennials on the streets of New York CIty how they felt about President Trump nominating Rob Kardashian to the Supreme Court, they took the question seriously. About 10 percent of college graduates think Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court, according to a poll from the American Council of Trustees and Alumni. A recent C-SPAN poll shows just 27 percent of millennials can name one Supreme Court Justice.

So, how do millennials feel about Gorsuch? Any pollster who thinks they have the answer is lying. Most millennials couldn't pick him out of a lineup. They couldn't tell you his positions on key issues. But, while this ignorance is easy to mock, it's reasonable to understand: no one has given them a reason to care about Gorsuch or SCOTUS.

Why should they care?

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