Trump's children explain why voters should elect their father

On 'Hannity,' Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Tiffany Trump share how the race has changed them


Three members of Donald Trump’s family made their final pitch to voters Monday night on “Hannity” hours before Election Day, saying that they believe their father can get the country back on track.

“Seventy percent of this country believes this country is heading in the wrong direction and he knows what to do to get the country back on track,” Ivanka Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity with Donald Trump Jr. and Tiffany Trump sitting next to her. “And the excitement and belief in the potential of Trump leadership is amazing to him. He’s so encouraged by it. He’ll never let Americans down.”

Trump Jr. said the campaign had been greeted with an outpouring of warmth from disaffected Americans who “haven’t had a voice in generations. He said their reactions had changed his family.

“They see that look of hope in my father and watching them react to his message and even our message. It’s really special and has changed us a lot.”

Tiffany Trump added that the support of the American people had fueled him to go out there and that he was becoming more inspired each and every day.

Donald Trump, in his final pledge to voters, vowed to make America safe and prosperous again, while Hillary Clinton vowed to unite a divided nation.

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In Trump Jr’s final plea to voters, he illustrated that Clinton had fought for special interests and “every elite class you can get.” He told “Hannity” that America needs an outsider to break up the system.

“This is a rare and unique chance to bring an outsider to Washington D.C. – someone who is willing, able and ready to take on the DC cartel and break it up. Both sides have failed us. This is really about insider vs outsider and we need an outsider to break up this system.”

The latest Fox News Electoral Scorecard shows Trump’s prospects improving in four key states -- Arizona, Iowa, Utah and North Carolina – though Clinton still has the advantage on the electoral map.