Kid Rock: I'm sorry Obama didn't do a better job

Making a pitch for why his fellow Michiganders should vote for the Romney-Ryan ticket, Kid Rock tapped into the complicated feelings some voters harbor in deciding whether to re-elect President Obama.

"I am very proud to say that we had elected our first black president; I’m sorry--I’m sorry he didn’t do a better job, I really wish he would have—I do, but the facts are the facts,"  the singer-songwriter said Monday in his introduction of Republican vice presidential pick Paul Ryan

Having appeared with Mitt Romney on the campaign trail, Kid Rock threw some more star power behind the Republican candidates as Michigan polls conducted after the first presidential debate show a tightening race.

Kid Rock joked to the crowd of thousands gathered at Oakland University that he enjoyed Romney's face-off with President Obama so much that "I think I might throw a keg party for the Ryan-Biden debate," which is scheduled for Thursday.

The Grammy-nominated musician admitted to the audience that it's "a little difficult to put myself in this position knowing it may alienate a few fans."

"I really believe strongly that it’s okay to disagree on politics and the direction of our country without hating one another," he said. "I mean it’s no secret that I am embedded in an industry that leans very left."