Former Aide Says Edwards Should Return Campaign Donations

Rielle Hunter, with child, and former presidential candidate John Edwards.

Rielle Hunter, with child, and former presidential candidate John Edwards.  (AP)

The former John Edwards confidante who has turned on his old boss with a tell-all book said Wednesday that the two-time presidential candidate should return the millions in campaign contributions he collected over the past decade. 

Andrew Young, whose salacious book "The Politician" comes out Wednesday, told Fox News that his former boss owes an apology, and compensation, to those who supported him for cheating on his wife and then lying about it to the public. 

"I think that John Edwards ought to do something about returning the $110 million that he raised from a lot of people who couldn't afford to give ... 50 or 100 dollars," Young said. 

That would be virtually impossible unless Edwards were to dip into his own personal fortune. Campaign finance records show Edwards has raised more along the lines of $100 million in his run for North Carolina senator and two runs for president. But of that, only $3.5 million is left, according to his year-end filing. 

Edwards, through an attorney, has cautioned that Young's book is full of "false" allegations and that Young is motivated by "financial gain and media attention." 

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"Like my grandfather used to say, that's kind of like the pot calling the kettle black," Young said Wednesday when asked about Edwards' statement. 

Among other juicy tidbits, Young's book details a purported sex tape he claims shows Edwards and his former mistress Rielle Hunter. Hunter has filed court papers seeking the return of the tape. 

Young told ABC's "The View" that he can't return the tape because a federal grand jury, which is investigating whether Edwards broke campaign finance law by paying "hush" money to Hunter and Young over the affair, has subpoenaed a copy of it.

"I have a copy of tape in a lock box," he told the show's co-host Barbara Walters. "I have no plans to ever use...if we had wanted to do something with the stupid tape, I would have sold it."

Young has done a round of interviews promoting the book. 

He told Alan Colmes on his radio show Tuesday that Edwards had "a lot of previous affairs," and that his wife Elizabeth knew of "some of them."