Jon Scott

Jon Scott

Jon Scott serves as co-anchor for Happening Now, alongside a rotating guest anchor (weekdays 11AM-12PM/ET). Jon is part of the original anchor team at Fox News Channel, having joined two months prior to its launch. He is perhaps best known to viewers for his handling of the events of Sept. 11, 2001, when he anchored the network's coverage from the opening minutes after the attack on the World Trade Center. For more than eight hours, his calm, steady reporting helped Fox viewers comprehend the multiple tragedies unfolding live in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

During his tenure at Fox, Jon has gone into the field to cover events ranging from the war in Afghanistan to hurricanes and floods, space shuttle launches and royal weddings. He also provided live coverage of the launch of Operation Iraqi Freedom from CENTCOM, Qatar, as well as President Bush's subsequent address to the nation aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln.

Jon came to Fox from NBC News where he was a correspondent for Dateline NBC and received an Emmy for newswriting. He also served as a reporter for Inside Edition when Bill O'Reilly anchored that syndicated newsmagazine. He began his career as an anchor and reporter at stations in Miami and Denver.

A father of four, including a West Point graduate who recently returned from Afghanistan, Jon is a frequent speaker at events honoring veterans and our military service personnel. A Colorado native, he graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He's a private pilot, an avid outdoorsman, a woodworker and a really bad golfer.

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