Some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:


    Holy Moley


    ABC "20/20" anchor Chris Cuomo is getting some flack -- even from some of his fans -- over a twitter comment about violence and religion. Cuomo told his nearly 1 million followers this morning: "To all my Christian brothers and sisters -- especially Catholics -- before you condemn Muslims for violence -- remember the Crusades. Study them."


    A follower pointed out "by the time the Crusades began, Muslim armies had conquered almost two-thirds of Christian world. Neither just." Cuomo responded that he is "not sure how pointing out Muslim wrongs erases Christian wrongs."


    Shortly after the 9/11 attacks historian and author Bernard Lewis noted that the Crusades were in response to jihad and author Andrew Bostom wrote of the jihad-to-Crusade comparison that jihad is a notion contained within the Quran, while the crusades were "historical events subjected to ongoing and meaningful criticism by Christians themselves."


    My Name Is...


    Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse is trying to recover from this embarrassing TV moment about the Democratic Senate candidate in Alaska.


    Woodhouse e-mailed CNN, saying "A lot of people are getting to know Scott McAdams today -- me included -- and if (Joe) Miller winds up being the nominee and promotes stuff like unemployment benefits are unconstitutional -- we'll like our chances there more and more."


    Dancing Queen


    Bristol Palin has got a new gig. E-Online reports that Sarah Palin's 19-year-old daughter will be on the 11th season of "Dancing With the Stars" along with David Hasselhoff, Audrina Patridge, Brandy and "The Situation" from "Jersey Shore."


    Last month, Bristol Palin guest-starred in "The Secret Life of the American Teenager."


    Macho Man


    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's latest PR move drew an interesting headline in the Wall Street Journal: "Russia's Action Figure Adds a Pose to the Collection," after images were released of the 57-year-old former KGB spy holding a special dart gun that he fired at an endangered grey whale to get a skin sample.


    This is just one of many times that the Russians have released photos showing Putin as healthy, active and brave ahead of presidential elections in 2012. There are rumors he may seek a third term as president.